Double rainbow over Naikela Botanicals farm

Double rainbow over Naikela Botanicals farm


We grow wild harvest, dry and sustainably source the finest botanical ingredients for our formulas.  We also enjoy educating and involving the community in sustainable practices. Inside every container of Naikela Botanicals are hand-crafted master blends of plant goodness in powder form.  

At Naikela Botanicals we love people and plants. Our goal is to bring botanicals (plant superfoods) to people in easy to use, delicious formulas. 


Naikela Botanical's farm & on-site drying operation is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on Kauai's North Shore! Naikela Botanicals farm-site resides in the middle of Makanlani ("a gift from heaven") a 125 acre agriculture property which also boasts a nonprofit kids camp youth center.

Makanalani was founded by Eric and Lyn Taylor, out of the love they had for nature and children. They carry the mission to provide youth with unique opportunity to experience nature, friends, and God's love through housing youth camps and community retreats on Kauai.

Eric and Lyn of Makanalani

Eric and Lyn of Makanalani

With a love for God's creation and holistic health, Makanalani's founders, Eric and Lyn, invited Aaron Moeller, creator of Naikela Botanicals to sustainability farm at Makanalani. Their common vision is to expand the sustainable farming practices and increase fruitfulness on it's land. Both share a mission of loving people and nature. They express this by sharing all that they have been blessed with and gifting us with nature's finest bounty!

Aaron Moeller, the farmer, and family

Aaron Moeller, the farmer, and family

Naikela Botanicals is a family owned and operated company with the loving desire to keep other family's happy and healthy throughout their busy lifestyle! Naikela Botanicals has been a dream long coming for Aaron Moeller; husband, father, farmer, and  martial artist. In his diligent  material arts career of 25 years; his love of learning, discipline, nutrition and holistic health naturally trickled over into exploration of sustainable farm practices. Aaron, now a seasoned farmer and blend master shares the benefits of living a practical holistic lifestyle with his wife, Shannon (Naikela Botanicals' creative designer) and island born daughter's, Naia (Hawaiian spinner dolphin) and Akela (Noble) who inspired the company's name, "Naikela."


We all know or have imagined Hawaii, as a tropical island paradise. A secluded island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, here lies a wonderland of beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rainbows & exotic fruits. A dreamy climate of sunshine, sea minerals, peaceful rain showers, & jungle forests. True Inspiration beams in every high place, captivates every low place and pushes us to steward this paradise in the most pure way. This land is a gift from Heaven always giving to us the very best. We greatly value this gift and we have discovered that our hearts desire is to take care of this land. Our purpose is to cherish and share it with others. It is this inspiration that births Naikela Botanicals.



We go back to the basics, God, his gift the earth, the ground itself the substance from which we are made! Un-seen to our eyes, the ground below is alive as the rushing waves. Tunnels of mini creepy crawlers; even smaller cultures of microorganisms colonize under our plant's roots - feeding, sourcing, rebuilding, replenishing the soil just as God designed. Our skilled farmers work harmoniously with the land as God intended, bringing  about massive increase. "When the soil is happy, the plants are happy, when the plants are happy people are happy".


The island of Kauai ( The Garden Island) is a treasure trove of botanical life. We wild harvest, fruits, leaves, stems, seeds whenever possible we use every part of the plant. We at Naikela botanicals are excited at every new season as it supplies us with this next bundle of delicious nutritious botanicals. We seize the opportunity to dry these masterpieces, to utilize and share each season's bounty and add them to our formulas.
Here at Naikela Botanicals we believe in community, we have cultivated strong ties with other local farmers. Due to the long list of plants used in our formulas we often find the need to outsource (buying or trading with other farmers for their produce or access to wild crops.)


50% of all purchases go directly to an onsite non-profit organization who hosts outreach camps for Kauai local youth.


Certified Naturally Grown means our farm is held accountable to other farmers who annually evaluate our property and farm practices are organic and sustainable.

(Certification pending...)

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