Fine powder is the most effective form of delivering the nutrients into your system. They are easy to digest and absorb! We believe that one of the keys to optimal health and longevity, is to consume water soluble nutrients every couple hours (those are your vitamin B's, vitamin C, amino acids and all minerals) why is this important? because we eliminate water soluble nutrients every couple hours or so with bathroom runs. Replenishing your  body this way balances your alkalinity levels! Inspiring consistency builds an expectancy your body can rely on furthering helping it renew, balance, cleanse, increase immunity, heal, detox and so forth! We like to refer to it as a 'Liquid Salad."  We also enjoy how diversity they can be used. The powders can go into virtually anything and are limitless in varies ways of consumption! Our superfood tea powders gives the luxury of consuming the whole plant. We are the ones growing the herbs and dehydrating them, we use the whole plant. Nothing gets thrown away, like it would in a brewing process of loose leaf. The powder is created into a super fine texture so when it is added into water it will blend instantly! We have masterfully formulated each farm-fresh blend to taste beyond delicious! This gives you the freedom to play with it! We love adding it to curries, bake goods, smoothies and toast, over cereals, or simply water as a more medicinal usage. There's really no right or wrong way to use it! If you do add a heating element, note enzyme strength will lessen.  


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Enhance Immunity

Replenish Electrolyte Minerals

Increase Alkalinity

Optimize Hormonal Balance 

Combat Adrenal Fatigue 

Promote Cellular Regeneration 

Sharpen the Mind 

Heighten Energy

Strengthen bone, muscle and connective tissue 

Boost metabolism 

Inspire weight loss

Inspire better mood

Inspire better sleep 

Lube joints

Balance in prebiotic environment

Breaking down of foods via better digestion

Gut health 

Destroys pathogens




Anti -fungal




One of the quickest deliveries of health benefits is a cup of tea, hot or chilled. Add 1/2-1 tsp per 8 oz of water bring to boil remove from heat strain if desired.

In water

Add 1/4-1/2 tsp powder per 8 oz water stir or shake on ice in sealed container or just add to 8 oz glass of water stir and serve


Place a large or small pinch in mouth on tongue or gums. Great way to keep balanced between health drinks. 

Add to food

Sprinkle in smoothies, yogurt, fruit, baked goods.